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Purified Water Generation System

AWMS, with its vast experience leading solution provider for Purified Water Generation System (PWGS) applicable for Pharma, Life Science, Healthcare and Cosmetics Industry. We treat the water from source and can achieve water quality which are compliant to quality standards set by global regulatory bodies like USFDA, UKMCA, MHRA, ANVISA, WHO etc.

Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

AWMS Offers purified water storage & distribution system which has a minimum velocity of 1-1.2 m/sec & maximum velocity of 3.0 m/sec in all the sections of the distribution lines to ensure turbulent flow during normal operation to avoid bio-film information. Internal surface finish for loop piping is less than 0.45Ra

Water For Injection Generation System

WFI Generation or thermal distillation, single or multi-effect, is the most popular method of Water for Injections (WFI) generation. The source for WFI generation by distillation is usually Purified Water. The feed water for the thermal distiller must meet at least necessary attributes for the PW. However, AWMS provides recommended feed water meets USP PW quality requirements.

WFI Storage & Distribution System

AWMS offers smart design for hot WFI storage and distribution includes various components and online monitoring instruments to ensure that the appropriate water quality is maintained.

The entire loop operation is fully automatic and the tank levels, loop piping velocity, temperature and conductivity is strictly controlled through PLC.

Process Piping

It is piping (SS316L) for product and product related material which are used in production process. We provide the same with complete automation.

Pure Steam Generation & Distribution System

Pure Steam is evaporator purified water that is utilized throughout the clean manufacturing process. Typically, Pure Steam is generated by pumping a purified feedwater through a shell and tube evaporator, which when heated by plant steam, evaporates, and migrates to a centrifugal separator. This evaporation method ensures constant wetting of tube surfaces thus minimizing the potential for scale     formation and corrosion of the tube surface.

Pure Steam distribution system will supply the pure steam at required places in pharma plant.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

AWMS is backed by leading membrane manufacturers.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis is an effective technology to produce clean water that is suitable for many industrial applications like Boiler, Chemical, Food & Beverages, Hospitals, Engineering Facilities, and other utilities.   Further, we are making RO system for recycling applications such as cooling tower/ boiler blow down water recycling system, Effluent/ sewage water recycling system, etc.

Ultra-filtration (UF) System

AWMS offers Ultrafiltration (UF) systems where water is forced through a semipermeable membrane. Suspended solids and high-molecular-weight solutes remain on one side of the membrane. These membranes are made up of high molecular material using special and sophisticated technology. The pore size ranges from 0.04 to 0.1 µm for various applications.

Softening Plant

AWMS offers water softener system is a unit that is used to soften water, by

Replacing the calcium and magnesium when low hardness is required.


Pendants are having their aesthetic importance in Pharma plants. Pendants are designed to facilitate various Utilities/Services (WFI / DM water piping loops, electrical cabling, steam / chilled water lines, process media lines) to be brought into the sterile area or working area in a close nesting manner, to provide easy access to services.


De-Mineralization Plant & Mix Bed (DM & MB)

AWMS put forward Demineralized Water (Deionized Water), Water that has had its mineral ions removed. Deionization is a physical process which uses specially manufactured ion exchange resins which provides ion exchange site for the replacement of the mineral salts in Water with Water forming H+ and OH- ions.

Mix Bed Plant are ion exchangers that include both cation and anion resins that are put together into a single vessel so that pure water can be created. This plant has a mix of strong acidic and basic cations in the perfect ratio.

Water treatment plant

Water Treatment Plant treats the water preliminary with the help of Multi Grade Filer (To reduce suspended solids), Activated Carbon Filter (To reduce odor and color) and Softener (To reduce hardness in water). It may send to further treatment if its required.

Effluent Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plants are design to treat the industrial wastewater for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment. We are giving solutions to many industrial sectors in disposal of wastewater like Pharma, Textile, Chemical, Power Plants, Distilleries, Fertilizers, Tannery, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Auto Mobiles etc.

Sewage Treatment Plants

AWMS Design & Manufactures STP plants which design for treating the domestic wastewater for its safe disposal to the environment. The main objectives of STP are to transform the dissolved and particulate biodegradable constituents into acceptable end products, capture and incorporate suspended and no settleable colloidal solids into a biological form or biofilm, transform or remove nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. We are making STP in different technologies like SBR, MBBR, FMBR, MBR etc. 

Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Apurva Water design, manufacture, supply and provide the services for the swimming pool filtration system and accessories for the same. The system is designed in such a way that the wastewater is minimum.

Storage and Mixing Tanks

The type of operation and equipment used during mixing depends on the state of materials being mixed (liquid, semi-solid, or solid) and the miscibility of the materials being processed. In this Mixing vessels are applied for preparation, Storage, and transfer of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. these vessels are used for the manufacture of antibiotics, injection and infusion solution. Mixing fulfills many objectives beyond simple combination  of raw ingredients.

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